Learning German

As a TEAM, we have been teaching German since 1987 and we take pride in having made the experience of working and living in Munich a lot more pleasurable for many students from more than 30 countries.

„Why should I learn German?“, is a questions we often hear. „Everybody here speaks English anyway.“

True – As long as you stay in Munich or in holiday places around the Alps.

However, you’ll cut yourself off –  not only from many of your staff or colleagues, you might also misinterpret communication with clients or simply miss out on a great culture.

We are not saying German is an easy language.

It isn’t.

And we are not saying it’ll be a walk in the park.

It won’t

But we’ll teach you the German language  – which we, other than Mark Twain do not consider awful 🙂 – at your pace, with a curriculum that meets your needs and wherever you’d like to meet your trainer.

To find out more, or to arrange for a first meeting please contact our office (team (@) the-team.de) or contact Dr. Glaw directly ( thomas (@) the-team.de.)


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