Corporate Training

Language and intercultural training for organisations and corporation form the backbone of our work.

Together with the HR professionals on site we develop and implement a corporate language programme that meets your needs precisely.

From beginners on level A1 to professional users of a foreign language at level C1 we’ll design trainings that enable your staff to use their language skills more effective and with more confidence in the daily business life.

Right from the start we integrate the special needs of your company into our course design. the officially recognizes further qualification of your staff is assured by using external exams from the University of Cambridge, the Goethe Institute and other providers

However, the exam to us are only the „icing on the cake“; our main objective is to increase your staff’s communication competence during a course that is fun to participate in. A good training must be effective, targeted and fun. If you don’t enjoy your training your skills will hardly improve.

Our Corporate Language Programme is a well rounded training design. Our qualified trainers and partners usually do not change during a training session, we design the curriculum together with you and document the success using world wide recognised exams.

Currently we teach German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

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